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  1. Stay The Night (Cedric Samson/Debbi Lonmon) [4.00]
  2. Peace On Earth (Debbi Lonmon/Jenni Lonmon) [4.46] MP3
  3. That's Just The Way It Is (Solem/Wilde) [3.37] 
  4. People Are People (A & D Wiliams) [4.11]
  5. Love Is Not Enough (J van Zandt/S Diamond) [4.41]
  6. Tell Somebody (S Jordan/B Beaudoin) [4.14]
  7. Now Or Never (Debbi Lonmon/Jenni Lonmon) [2.55]
  8. All The Lovers (Gowan/Schwartz) [3.58]
  9. Baby Don't You Know (Marc Bentel/Debbi Lonmon/Jenni Lonmon) [3.04]
  10. Sisters Of Rock (Jenni Lonmon/Cedric Samson/PJ Powers) [3.58]


  • Jenni Lonmon: vocals
  • Debbi Lonmon: guitars, vocals, bass on 'Sisters Of Rock'
  • Cedric Samson: drums, percussion, vocals
  • Mauritz Lotz: guitars
  • Tim Hoare: keyboards, bass
  • Marc Bentel: keyboards on 'Sisters Of Rock'
  • Johnny Burnette: drums on 'Sisters Of Rock'
  • Robin Walsh: guitars on 'Sisters Of Rock'

    Produced by Cedric Samson 
    Engineered by Richard Mitchell


    Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutterzine, February 2000

    'More than meets the eye' was the follow-up to their debut 'Ready and willing'. Just like their debut, also this CD saw the band moving into different music styles. The beginning of the CD is very AORish with good songs like "Stay the night" (calmer semi AOR ballad a la HEART), "That's just the way it is" (REMBRANDTS cover) and the AOR ballad "Love is not enough" (very good, like ALIAS meets HEART). Later on the CD it gets a little poppier on songs like "Now or never", "All the lovers" and "Baby don't you know". I think this is the least interesting record of LITTLE SISTER, because after this CD it became really interesting. Especially the third CD 'Along the way' is a fantastic record and very AOR/Melodic Rock oriented, partly due to the 'rockier' production of Mike Flicker (of HEART fame). That album was released in 1993 and I also did a review of it some time ago. I never heard their 4th record 'The heart of the matter', so I don't know if that album is as good as their third release 'Along the way'. For now, I would recommend all fans of female fronted AOR to check out LITTLE SISTER and especially their album 'Along the way' needs to be heard first. 

    Rating: 7/10

    Press Release:

    Since the release two years ago of their debut album Ready and Willing, Debbi & Jenni Lonmon have gone on to become major trendsetters in this country, their music instantly recognizable on radio, and their live shows sold out across South Africa. Picking up two OKTV awards this year for "Best Rock LP" and "Most Promising New Artist", they have scored consecutive No. 1 hit singles on both pop and regional stations, rocked the South African media with the unabashed raunchiness of their performances (both live and on film), and are, in short, an unqualified success. These days, when Debbi & Jenni Lonmon walk into a room, people stop and stare! 

    'Ready and Willing' carved a niche for Little Sister in South African music, and certainly captured the imagination of our youth - 'Dear Abbie' must be noted as one of the most popular ballads ever played here, which despite the initial controversy surrounding it, still receives heavy airplay 2 years later! Still surrounded by controversy, the last single off the album 'No man shall fall' was banned by the SABC and showed M-Net viewers just how versatile a grand piano can be! 

    Two years down the road, it's a different Little Sister, a more mature and a more sophisticated Little Sister, and their second album (now on One World Entertainment) says it all: 'More than meets the eye' is a very special record that showcases just how far these girls have come. 

    Destined to capture a far wider audience, the album was recorded at state-of-the-art Bop Recording Studios, and produced by Cedric Gradus Samson, with one song, 'Now or Never', receiving the special attention of Bop Studio director Andre Perrault, whose previous production credits include Heart. Still exhibiting the rock-solid guitar and rhythm work that started Little Sister, 'More than meets the eye' goes on to enhance the vocal partnership that characterizes the group. 

    The LP kicks off with the anthemic ballad 'Stay the Night' co-written by Debbi and Cedric. 'Peace on Earth' is the first single, an acoustic number resounding with the soaring harmonies the Lonmons have become renowned for. A message of "peace and love," this song is a natural for heavy Christmas-time rotation. 

    Other stand-out tracks include 'Now or Never' (appropriately written the night they arrived in Bop to record!), their driving version of Sass Jordan's 'Tell Somebody' and the heart-rending 'Love is not enough' - Jenni Lonmon's voice has never sounded so good! 

    Little Sister have evolved from a get-down rock 'n roll band who can knock off a good ballad, to one of the TOP South African acts - a strong and focused group that have something to say - and they say it so well!!!!