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Along the Way, the third studio recorded album. Michael Flicker, well known LA Producer worked with Little Sister on this album.

The album had two number one hits. Love is a Weapon and Mystery of Life.



  1. Mystery Of Life (D & J Lonmon/Lionel Bastos) MP3
  2. Something Happened To Us (Along The Way) (G Worth/B Watson)
  3. Love Is A Weapon (Dennis East/Marc Bentel) MP3
  4. Never Say Never (R Barron/D Cromwell)
  5. Whenever I Need Somebody (Marc Bentel/Johnny Brunette)
  6. Love's A Bitch (D & J Lonmon/Marc Bentel/Lionel Bastos)
  7. Verge Of Love (D & J Lonmon/Marc Bentel)
  8. Never Knew A Good Thing (D & J Lonmon/Marc Bentel)
  9. When The Sun Goes Down (D & J Lonmon/Lionel Bastos)
  10. Perfect Thing (D & J Lonmon/Marc Bentel)
  11. The Wrong Way Round (D & J Lonmon/Marc Bentel)
  12. Mystery Of Life (unplugged) (D & J Lonmon/Lionel Bastos)

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  • Jenni Lonmon: vocals
  • Debbi Lonmon: bass, vocals
  • Wally Cullis: drums
  • Denny Lalouette: bass
  • Robin Walsh: guitar
  • Mauritz Lotz: guitar
  • Marc Bentel: keyboards

    Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 produced by Mike Flicker and production assistant Dennis East.
    Tracks 6, 7, 9 and 11 produced by Mike Flicker and Dennis East.
    All songs arranged by Mike Flicker, Dennis East and Little Sister.
    All tracks engineered by Mike Flicker assisted by Sam Wingate.

    Recorded at the Audio lab, Johannesburg, South Africa. 
    Recorded and mixed at Bop Studios, Mmbatho, Bophutatswana, South Africa.




Press Release:

little sister

It all began in 1993, when Little Sister signed a recording deal with Gallo Music Productions. On the 15th of May a top producer from the USA, Michael Flicker jetted into South Africa to produce the brand new album. 

Mike Flicker'Along the Way' was born at the renowned Bop Studios and the album features twelve hit tracks, appealing to both local and international markets. According to Debbi and Jenni Lonmon "Acoustically 'Along the Way' is our best album yet, we have grown as musicians and songwriters and are ready to conquer the world." All songs are arranged by Mike Flicker and Little Sister. For the first time ever, Little Sister boast a fully fledged rhythm section, with a sixth member included into the band.

"I have been approached by many female fronted pop/rock groups in the past and up to this point have abstained from any participation. Nothing I have heard or seen to date ever moved me to the extent that "Heart" did, so I have declined the offers. Aside from the obvious balance between the Lonmon Sisters and the Wilson Sisters, I feel that Little Sister has a unique, youthful, 90's approach (especially in their vocal styling), to basic street level rock and roll that I feel gives them the potential to be a powerful influence in the international pop/rock market place." 
-- Mike Flicker, 1993